viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

I love this Photograph

Hey there!
As we have to talk about our favorite picture, I'm going to tell why  I want to share with you this pic and why this one is one of my favorites:
I went on holidays with my family to Pucon and there were best hols ever! We had a great time because it was the first time we went on holidays all together. There you can see me and my little niece Antonia, who was about to be 7, doing kayaking. It was the first time for her to do this so she was pretty excited and happy. You can notice that just by looking at her face. 
At the very beginning she was a little scared because the kayak was moving a lot when we got into, but later she got relaxed and started enjoying the sailing along the lake. I took her deep into the lake and she helped me with the paddles.
This picture was taken in February 2011 at the Caburga Lake in the south of Chile by my sister who was pretty nervous because we were so deep in the lake but we were happy and we were wearing life-jackets.
They were the perfect vacations for everyone and it was a perfect summer day for all of us!
Hope you like it. 

Write about a photograph you like. Say:Who took it, What it shows, When it was taken, Why you like it  and  if you like you can upload it too.

Include any other information you'd like to mention.
Write at least 150 words.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

One favorite movie is not enough!

Hello everyone;

When dealing about movies, it is not always easy to say which one is our favorite. There are movies for everyone, so everybody can get what she/he wants. I love going to the cinema but it is hard to say which my fave movie is. I love action and horror films but also like sci-fi films. I really enjoyed watching The Lord of the Rings saga and the Marvel saga of superheroes, such as X-men, Iron man or the Avengers. I loved The Ring and I could watch it one time after the other. The last movies I watched were The Planet of the Apes, Confrontation and Lucy. I also like those movies based on great best sellers such as Gone with the wind or others. One of my favorite movies is Sarah's key based on the book of the same name. It tells the story of an American journalist’s present investigation into the 
Vel´d’Hiv roundup of Jews in German-occupied Paris in 1942. It tells the story of young girl Sarah’s experiences during and after these events, illustrating the participation of the French bureaucracy while also showing how the French citizens hid and protected Sarah from Vichy France Authorities. The film alternates between Sarah’s life in 1942 and the journalist researching the story in 2009.
 It is a great movie, but as in many cases, the book is always better!


viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

Apple-addicted?? I think so...

Dear all, 

For this week's post, you will have to write about your favorite piece of technology... Everyone gets one, right? If I think what i like the most is my Iphone.. There are so many things I can do with it apart from talking to my family and friends. I can surf the net, download applications and the best thing of all is the iTunes where I can manage and buy music and applications. I got it more than a year ago and I can't live without it now..  Another device that I like is my Ipad. I love the touchscreen resolution and how I can manage the applications just by moving my finger on the screen.. I have become a sort of Apple-device guy...
I'm pretty sure you all like technology and you have a favorite device, so tell me about that.. what it is, when you got it, how often and why you use it for, etc..

I hope to hear from you soon..


viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Expectations for this new semester

Dear Students
This is going to be a great term for everyone. If you don't go on a strike again as in the first term, classes will run smoothly and the term will end as it is expected to happen. You will succeed in everything you are learning and  another year will be gone. For my class just I just expect participation and task compliance. And attendance  of course!! We'll have fun learning, you'll see!
In this post you have to cover the following points:
Subjects you are doing
extracurricular activities you are going to take or other activities to be taken
what you expect for this academic period. You can also include your expectations for this English class.

You have to write at least 110 words and make comments on three of your classmates posts and one on the teacher's post

Let's start working!