viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

MBE- my blogging experience

I thought that writing a blog was going to be a lot of work and was going to be kind of boring. But it wasn’t!

I really enjoyed doing this blog since the very beginning. From the very first moment that I created the name I knew that my blog was going a challenge. Writing every week about different topics (some of them not so entertaining) was a real challenge.

When you write a blog, you have to be creative and you have to invite some other people to feel like reading your posts. Some days my creativity was not so bright, so the posts were kind of not so cool. All the posts have a particular feeling and each one is special in some way. :)

It also helped me to know you all a little bit better and know more about your lives and interests.

So, as this is the last post, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who took the time to attend the classes, take part in them and write your blogs.  For me, it was very interesting to meet all of you and have the chance to help you to improve your English and encourage you to get involved in the wonderful world of learning a new language.
A big hug for all of you!

Wordcount: 200. 

> What you think about the experience in general
> How much you feel your writing skills have developed
> What you would like to include in the future
> What else you would like to write about

14 comentarios:

  1. Hi teacher! Thanks for the oportunity to do something different and interesting and for show a little of your life. Bye Bye :)

  2. Write in a blog isn't boring. We’ve elected a lot of interesting topics. Also, now I know my mates a few more.

    Thanks for the patience Teacher!

  3. Hi teacher. I'm sad about this is the last post :( I really enjoyed write the blog.
    The experience was fun and we had write about interesting things, that was the best.
    See you soon cheers!

  4. God, this is the last comment D: it's a really good experience
    I hope that the other guys enjoyed this a lot like me

  5. Hi teacher for the last time :( This english three was very cool. I really hope that the english four is just as good, like this. Thanks for everything.

  6. hi teacher! i really enjoyed have a blog, is so fun and cool write about differents things,
    i will miss this clases but maybe we will see you next semester for english 4!
    see you soon!

  7. Hi teacher! well, so this is the last comment. Was funny to write some entries.
    I don't know if you'll go to teach english 4. Maybe see you the next semester. Bye bye!

  8. Ohhh, teacher! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do a blog, beyond the "Open English" I do Friday to Friday hehe.

    If I was able to get a smile from the bottom of what I wrote, I give paid. Regards and blessings!

  9. I really liked to do a blog, it is a very good experience. How time flies !, anyway thanks for his teachings and luck in everything :)

  10. Hi Teache!

    To say the truth I think that I would suffer in this three english ( as in english two, almost traumatic experience :( ) but it was not so, these classes were a reconciliation with this language xD.
    Thanks for that

    See you!

  11. Hello teacher.
    Last post ever (in english 3). Thank for everyting, specially for give us some laught and music. It was a great experience work in our blogs (and funny too).
    Bye, and see you soon.

  12. Teacher! It was a great semester, I have fun! and sorry for my irresponsibility lol ...

  13. Hi teacher :3. This was a great experience, I enjoy writing the blog, sometimes more than others, jajaj, 'cause as you said, some topics wasen't very interesting. But it works to improve my english, so thanks!!

    See you?

  14. Hi Teacher! Thank you for your patience and amability! I enjoy so much this class. I promise that work for improve my English! See you.